Simon is the creator / founder and CEO of Music Industrapedia and is also the founder and chief administrator of Ye Olde Networks which is a professional networking organization within the Entertainment, Performing Arts and Media industry sectors with Australia, The United States and The United Kingdom.

His initial Social Media networking project 'Ye Olde Record Companyarians' has over 5000 recorded music industry professionals across Australia, America and The UK. The Ye Olde networking groups are mainly concentrated on Facebook (with a separate Australian, American and UK profile) but also have collective group profiles on other social media entities such as LinkedIn.
Simon's interests as a Wikipedia contributor include Music, Film, Television, The Performing Arts, Social Media and New Media.

Simon 's music industry past is varied. He is a former Australian record company middle management and marketing person for Sony Music and Festival Records. Hew has also worked in the musical instrument and equipment industry (Yamaha and Mannys Music) and worked in a record store for several years as a music buyer in his early years.

Simon is also a musician and fronted a number of Melbourne bands as their lead singer. His mostly noted as 'Simon Circus' lead singer of post-punk-prog band 'Schism' and Melbourne Synth pop band 'illustration'.

He is currently a Music Management Consultant, Marketer, Digital Media Producer and Social Media entrepreneur.

Simon is also Co Founder and Administrator of ARMIC - Australian Recorded Music Industry Collective which is an alumni social club of current and former members of the Australian recorded music industry.

MUSIC INDUSTRY BACKGROUND / ROLES: Record Companyarian, Music Media - Internet, Music Management, Musician

Listing of Simon's experience in the Australian Music industry is as follow:

  • Lead Singer, Producer, Acting Manager - Schism 21C (2022 - Current)
  • ARMIC (Australian Recorded Music Industry Collective) - Co-Founder & Administrator (2019 - Current)
  • Music Industrapedia - Founder & Chief Administrator (2011 - Current)
  • Ye Olde Networks - Entertainament Industry Social Media Networks - Founder & Administrator (2007 - Current)
  • Music Manager - Current: Brigitte Bardini / Former:Zucchini Clan, James R. Butt & The Cruel World Poets
  • Music Video Director/Producer/Editor - Deep Sea Plaza, Zucchini Clan
  • Director / Marketing Manager - Southern Cross Philharmonia Orchestra (2005 - 2013)
  • Yamaha Music Australia - Sales & Marketing (2004 - 2006)
  • Store Manager - Mannys Music Fitzroy (2003 - 2004)
  • State Manager - Sony Music Entertainment in South Australia (1992 - 1994)
  • Promotions Manager - Sony Music Entertainment in Victoria (1988 - 1992)
  • Sales Representative - Festival Records (1985- 1988)
  • Lead Singer - illustration (1983 -1985)
  • Lead Singer - Schism (1981 - 1983, 2022 - Current)
  • Lead Singer - Window View (1977- 1979)
  • Lead Singer - Penguin United and the Creme Rinse Discovery (1977)
  • Lead Singer - Thunder (1976)
  • Music Retailer - Clements Hifi & Music - Boronia (1976 - 1980)



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