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Sam See



ACTIVITY PERIOD: 1970's - Current



MAIN INSTRUMENTS: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

BANDS / OUTFITS: Solo Artist, Sherbet, Stockley See Mason, The Flying Circus, Southern Cross, Fraternity, The Zarsoff Brothers, Clapham Junction, The Pardoners, Field, See & Mason



Sam See was born September 28, 1949 in Darlinghurst Sydney.

The family moved to Melbourne when Sam was around seven years of age. Although his family were not well off he was enrolled in Melbourne Grammar and it was the Music Department at that school that saw some talent in the young Sam, who was already learning piano, and encouraged him to take up violin.

That wasn't appreciated by his father who played bass semi-professionally.

In fact Sam progressed with the violin and then took up cello - which was an instrument that he took a delight in.

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Sam See (Early Years)

By the time the Beatles music hit Australia, Sam was ready to move on. His father had a tenor guitar and Sam then taught himself to play, and as he has commented on occasions - because it only had the top 4 strings, it coloured the way he plays guitar even today.

The family moved back to Sydney when Sam was just getting really involved with guitar, leaving his first band behind. He formed another forgettable band, but continued honing his skills. Although his parents wanted him to continue on with his studies, Sam was determined to continue on with music and this combination of desire and talent saw him move from music as a hobby to music as a professional. Guitar has always been his passion, yet he found early in his career and onward, that it's his keyboard skills that are most often sought out.

The list of bands he has played in is amazing and they include Sherbet, The Flying Circus, Fraternity, Country Radio, Goanna, John Farnham band, Stockley See & Mason, and currently, The Pardoners, and, Field See & Mason.

He also became John Farnham's musical director in 1981 and then went on to record with a wide variety of artists including, the Black Sorrows, Goanna, Daryl Braithwaite, Tina Arena, Brian Cadd, Swanee, Broderick Smith.

Sam has also been in great demand over many years as a Producer and is also responsible for writing the John Farnham hit, Reasons.

Other memorable moments for him include playing on the steps of the Opera House to 150,000 people and playing and touring in America, where he was in a Canadian band called Lighthouse who were very popular in parts of America to the superstar level.

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Sam See (2010's era)

Sam was musical director of the landmark Bicentennial concert, “Under the Southern Cross”, and Steve Vizard's "Tonight Live" – a five-nights-a-week national TV show.

Sam was also the musical director, keyboard player and guitarist in the recent Sharkey and The Caddman Australian tours, that featured the talents of Brian Cadd and Glenn Shorrock.

Sam released his solo guitar album Unhinged in 2001. Shortly thereafter he and Glyn Mason reunited and began performing as The Pardoners. They have released a live CD - Songs From The Vault (2004) - and two critically acclaimed albums of original material: The Pardoners (2007) and Indulgences (2011).

Sam is also the producer and arranger of Down Under The Covers - which was recorded by [Lindsay] Field, [Sam] See & [Glyn] Mason.

The Pardoners and Field See & Mason continue to work around Melbourne today.

By Rob Greaves



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