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Robert Lloyd



ACTIVITY PERIOD: 1964 - Current

MUSIC GENRE: Soul, Psychedelic Pop, Instrumental, Art Music


MAIN INSTRUMENTS: Vocals, Keyboards, Drums, Guitar, Percussion

BANDS / OUTFITS: Solo Artist, Cam-Pact, 18th Century Quartet, Extradition

RECORD COMPANIES / LABELS (Current & Past): Independent, E.M.I, Sweet Peach, Move



Born on the 21st May 1948 in Adelaide Australia, Robert is an Australian born composer, writer, musician and performer.

Robert has worked both domestically as well as internationally.

He began music experiments as a boy using wire, string, tin and fence palings. In fact these embryonic experiments would later find their way onto compositions many decades later.

Caught up in the British Beat music wave that hit the Australian shores in the early 1960's, he moved to Melbourne in search of a career in a "pop" style band. His first joined the *Roadrunners*, one of the important "feeder" groups that allowed its members to develop their skills before moving into other professional bands.

Other members of the Roadrunners included Chris Stockley Guitar - Cam-pact, The Dingoes, Axiom and Stockley, See and Mason among other groups. John Pugh Guitar and vocals - 18th Century Quartet, Cam-Pact and Healing Force and Chris Kineman [bass] and Robert [then known as Tregilgas] on drums.

The Roadrunners eventually mutated into a pure electric blues band called The Delta Set focussing on a more blues based performance.

Seeking to broaden his music experience he, along with Chris Stockley and John Pugh, joined Keith Glass and Hans Poulson in the 18th century Quartet.

That group was in many ways ahead of its time and with a series of internal disagreements, it prematurely folded.

Robert then joined Chris Stockley, Mark Barnes, John Pugh and Keith Glass in one of Melbourne's successful groups - Cam-pact

After a stint with *Cam-pact* Robert left Melbourne and traveled to live in Sydney where he joined a variety of groups including *Phil Jones and The Unknown Blues*, *Heart and Soul*, *Greg Quill and Country Radio*, *Tully*, *Extradition*, and his own group *Forest*.

Moving toward the mid 1970's Robert recognised the limitations of working primarily as a drummer and he began composing.

He undertook studies and his qualifications include Doctorate studies in Creative Arts/Music with Dr Jim Franklin, University of Western Sydney, and a Bachelor of Music/Education, Adelaide University.

From 1973 to 1995, Robert led his own ensemble, touring Australia, USA, Europe and Asia. Since that time, various musicians and ensembles have recorded, commissioned and played his work.

Some projects he has received commissions for include; music for Ohio Ballet's Feral, choreographed by Molissa Fenley. Bold New Buildings for Australian Dance Theatre and Nullabor for Molissa Fenley, Joyce Theatre, New York and undertook a a number of American tours.

The 21st Century saw Robert exploring new directions. Starting with a concert in 2001 held at the Studio - Sydney Opera House with the German duo *Trio A Due*, he then began to experiment with text, music and new media.

Robert also started to turn his poetry into song in 2000. The first publication, *Simplicity* was inspired by Robert's Welsh bardic heritage and studies of sacred texts, taking one year to write.

The Goethe Institute in Sydney commissioned two works by Robert: *Song for Five Continents* for the 2001 Sydney Olympics and, *Shalom/Salaam* in 2003.

During 2003, John Schaefer featured Robert's music on New Sounds from WNYC, New York and the ABC Radio commissioned the music and sound for *Cinema of Solitude*, a half hour special on Robert Bresson.

Two further compositions, *The Untouched Key* for Strings and *The Empty Boat* for solo piano, were composed in 2004 for the soundtrack to the John Conomos film Aura, which ran for three weeks at Art-Space - Sydney.

Since moving back to Melbourne, Robert has written and performed concerts including Dylan Thomas and I, East Melbourne Arts Festival, Holy Trinity Church, 2014 and Songs of Robert Lloyd - East Melbourne Arts Festival, Holy Trinity Church, 2016.

Robert sees little division between his work as composer, songwriter, teacher, writer and poet. His current creative vision aims to write music, words and perform music that connects the sacred and the profane.

*Published Poetry*

  • Black Guitar, Little Fox Publishing, Edited by Christine Mathieu, 2012
  • Time Being Time, Little Fox Publishing, Edited by Christine Mathieu, 2014

*Available Recordings*

  • Nullarbor, Move Records, Melbourne, 1995
  • Starting From Zero, Robert Lloyd Music, Sydney, 2001
  • Songs of Robert Lloyd, Robert Lloyd Music, Sydney, 2007
  • Songs of Here and Now, Robert Lloyd Music, Melbourne, 2011
  • The Same Tree, Robert Lloyd Music, Melbourne, 2012



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