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Mick Elliott



ACTIVITY PERIOD: 1964 - Current

MUSIC GENRE: Rock, Blues, Motown, Rhythm & Blues, Country.



BANDS / OUTFITS: Solo Artist, Sid Rumpo, Stars, Southern Cross, Wild Beaver Band, The Moppa Blues, The Sound, Western Flyer (Australian Band), Southern Cross (Melbourne Band)

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Mick Elliott was born in 1948. Like many of the Baby Boomer generation he became fascinated with guitars and playing music at a young age. Unlike many baby boomers who took up guitar, Mick had a natural talent and went on to have a professional career.

In 1963 he and Rob Greaves along with Ray and Alec Ferris formed their first band, the Sonics, which only lasted a matter of months. In 1964 he became a founding member of his first working band, the Sound along with Mark Barnes [Bass], Rob Greaves [ Rhythm Guitar] and Les Taylor [Drums]. The band played a mixture of surf music and early English beat music of groups such as the early Beatles, Stones, Animals and Yardbirds.

Mick was heavily influenced by English guitarists of the day such as Eric Clapton and Keith Richards, but as he delved deeper into the roots of the music they played he found a blues base and he became influenced by many of the blues master guitarists, such as Hubert Sumlin.

In 1965 the Sound mutated into the Moppa Blues and with the addition of Graham "Snowy" Townshend as vocalist they embarked upon playing gigs around Melbourne playing substantially electric and some delta-style, blues. Townshend and Barnes eventually departed and John Sullivan (who would go on to join the Bobby & Laurie and the Rondells) took over on bass. When the Moppa Blues folded circa late 1965 early 1966, Mick decided it was time to seek out more fertile grounds that would give him a chance to move away from cover bands.

Mick had become well respected among his peers and enjoyed stints with many bands during the 1960's including Running Jumping Standing Still. However, it wasn't until the early 1970's that he really started making his mark when he joined Syd Rumpo in 1973 replacing guitarist John Hood.

In 1975/76 he, along with longtime friend "Snowy" Townshend, formed the legendary Wild Beaver band. This group was a hard playing, driving, hard drinking band that featured heavily at the notorious and highly popular Station Hotel in Greville Street Prahran.

Mick was a much sought after guitarist, who despite his relative quietness and unwillingness to heavily promote himself and his talented guitar playing, went on to play with many fine bands including, Southern Cross, Western Flyer and Stars. While in the Wild Beaver band, he and the band also backed J.J. Cale in Adelaide, and while in Western Flyer, he found himself in Bo Diddley's backing band when Bo played Sydney in 1975.

Mick was also a much sought after session guitarist and it came as no surprise that after he joined Mike Rudd and Bill putt on stage, that he was invited to play on Daryl Roberts 2014 CD - Hey Gringo.

Mick has continued to play and wow audiences with his eclectic playing that include rock, blues and country style. He continued fronting his own group, the Mick Elliott band, and in fact it was with one form of that band that he played at the final show at the Station Hotel in late 2011.

Now largely retired in an outer souther Melbourne suburb, he keeps his hands in playing from time to time and teaching guitar.



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