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Mark Barnes

DESCRIPTION: Mark Barnes was an Australian musician (bass guitar) and music venue promoter (Station Hotel, Prahran).


ACTIVITY PERIOD: 1960's - 2014

MUSIC GENRE: Blues, Rock, Psychedelic Rock



BANDS / OUTFITS: Cam-Pact, The Moppa Blues, The Sound

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Born 18th September 1949, Mark Barnes is known both for his contribution to Australian music throughout the 1960's and 1970's as well as promoter of Australian music through his development of the Station hotel in Greville Street Prahran, in the 1970's.

Mark was a founding member of the Sound in 1964, a band that featured Mick Elliott (Lead Guitar), Rob Greaves (Rhythm Guitar) and Les Taylor (Drums). Shortly after the Sound mutated into the Moppa Blues, Mark left to join up with Chris Stockley in ventures that would eventually lead to his membership of Campact from 1967 to 1968.

He will probably be best remembered for his work in establishing the Station Hotel as the second, but most successful, live music based hotel in Melbourne. In fact Mark also had a hand in establishing live music at the Queensberry Hotel in Queensberry Street Melbourne, after the closure of the short lived blues club, Chicago, which was on the opposite corner of Queensberry and Swanston Streets, Melbourne.

The Station Hotel had a hiccup of a start with Mark Barnes,"Dr" David Pepper Pepperell and Chris Stockley starting off by playing acoustic guitars and singing in a corner. It didn't take long for Mark to throw himself into promoting Australian artists and the Station Hotel became 'the" place to go to, and to play at.

You never asked who was playing before you handed your dollar-fifty over to ever-present George at the door - you assumed it would be something you liked because you believed in the impeccable taste of Mark Barnes as the promoter and you were never disappointed.

Although the Station Hotel went on right through the seventies and in fact not having its final show until late 2012. With Mark's behaviour became more and more erratic during the 1970's, eventually he lost control of the venue and went into a form of self imposed seclusion.

Although seen around town from time to time, his passing in May of 2014 was an event that at the time went unnoticed due to his being a recluse. He did however, leave many friends behind.


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