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John Arthur Grant

DESCRIPTION: John Arthur Grant is an Australian composer, arranger, music director and musician.


ACTIVITY PERIOD: 1960's - Current

MUSIC GENRE: Classical, Art Music, Electronic, Progressive Rock, Blues Rock


MAIN INSTRUMENT: Piano, Keyboards

ORCHESTRAS / ENSEMBLES / BANDS & OUTFITS: Solo Artist, Windjammer, Freeway, Manning, Random Sample, Dialog



John Arthur Grant was born was born in Canberra ACT in 1953.

By the age of three he had moved to Melbourne with his mother into a house where music was a dominant feature of life and John and the other siblings were all taught to play piano in the classical style. John had a natural talent and quickly became more than just an accomplished pianist, he was in training to become a concert pianist.

However, like many young people in the the late 1950's and early 1960's in particular, he was exposed to popular music, with the growing exposure to rock and roll and later the British music invasion of the 1960's, John found himself wanting to play what he was hearing.

He formed his first band while in High school in the mid-late 1960's. However, while still experimenting with "pop" music, on completion of High School he attended Melbourne University where he studied concert piano and composition.

However, his growing love for the music of the day, particularly the Progressive Rock genre, he abandoned his studies to take up playing progressive rock style in a variety of bands.

However, his own bands only bought him occasional and fleeting success so by the mid 1970's he was joining up with other more functioning groups. During this period he played with a range of well known artists that included Mike Rudd, Phil Manning and the Eurogliders just to name a few.

By the 1980's John had recognised that he needed to diversify more and began to work freelancing and undertaking studio work in addition to working in a number of duo's.

He worked as a musician in a number of theatre productions and undertook demonstrating Korg keyboards for the company. This took him to a number of important seminars and workshops, and his learning just continued.

He then took up a role as the Music Director for many talented soloists including Colleen Hewitt, Johnny Young, Brian Cadd, Mike Brady, Bob Bright and other corporate acts.

In recent years John has returned to his more classical roots and has composed a range of classical- innovative compositions to forge his own distinctive styles. His post-classical compositions can be strongly rhythmic, but there’s a lyrical and melodic side that he likes to give equal attention to. Similarly, he’s a lover of simple emotionally-lifting chord movements, but also likes to turn to complex harmonic structures on occasions. Interweaving these seemingly diverse elements makes for music that is enthralling and often challenging, but that always holds interest.

John continues to work with a range of groups and artists today while maintaining a constant output of his own music. He is a member of Melbourne Composers League, the Australian Music Centre, the Astra Chamber Music Society, Music Victoria, the Music Arrangers Guild of Australia, a supporter of Cut Common, New Music Network, Rehearsal Magazine, and a subscriber to 3MBS-FM Melbourne. He volunteers for the music industry charity Support Act.



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