Colin Daniels is the Managing Director of Inertia Music.

Colin Daniels is the Managing Director of independent distributor & record company, Inertia. He is also a Director of Handsome Tours, a founding Patron of The Australian Music Prize and a board member of the global digital rights organization, Merlin. Daniels started in the music industry as a product manager for distributor MDS, a division of Mushroom Records. Moving into A&R in the early 90s, Daniels helped set up Mushroom Records UK before returning back to Australia to be General Manager at the rapidly growing MDS. Towards the turn of the millennium Daniels became Head of A&R for EMI Records Australia then moved on to become the Senior Director of A&R for EMI Records Europe. After a stint as the CEO of Vicious Pty Ltd which included streetwear clothing label Vicious Threads, Daniels moved on to take on his current role at Inertia.

Early in his career Colin Daniels was a prominent Melbourne Club DJ from the Frankston area.

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