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Chris Stockley

DESCRIPTION: Chris Stockley


ACTIVITY PERIOD: 1960's - Current

MUSIC GENRE: Rock, Blues, Blues Rock, Country Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Psychedelic Pop



BANDS / OUTFITS: Solo Artist, The Dingoes, The Stockley See Mason Band, Axiom, Cam-Pact, Southern Cross, The Roadrunners, The Delta Set, Winchester, BRAM

RECORD COMPANIES / LABELS (Current & Past): Ratus Ratus Records



Chris Stockley was born January 24th 1948 in Winchester, Hampshire England. Music became a feature of his life from a young age when at about the age of 9 he heard a recording of Elvis singing Lawdy Miss Clawdy and in Chris' own words, "It changed my world".

It wasn't long after that he discovered the music of artists such as Little Richard and Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley, all before he was a teenager. It wasn't that long after that the British music scene exploded with the likes of the Stones, The Beatles and The Who, and as he was absorbing it all and delighting in it, his parents decided to migrate to Australia in 1964 - and he found himself uprooted and arrived in Australia around February 1964.

He discovered that the music scene in Melbourne had not advanced past the likes of The Shadows and he desperately missed the music he had been exposed to and could not believe that people he met had never heard of the Blues.

However, a meeting at his first job with a young man, John Pugh turned out to be a major turning point as Chris introduced John to blues music and John introduced Chris to Bob Dylan. Chris and John formed a duo but quickly formed a band called the Roadrunners with Bob Lloyd [then known as Tregilgas] on drums and Chris Kinman on bass, John on harmonica and vocals, and Chris on guitar.

That group eventually mutated into a pure electric blues band called The Delta Set but like many bands of the time, were a blues cover band but it was where his ability to play with great skill a wide range of styles from delta blues through to chicago blues, from the rock style of Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley into the Motown and general R&B styles of music, meant that he and his groups were able to attract a wide range of audiences. It was in both the Roadrunners and the Delta Set that he played every major venue in and around Melbourne during the 1960's, and were particularly popular at Melbourne's on Blues club - Chicago.

In 1967 Chris along with what were both his friends and fellow musicians, was part of the formation of his first really popular group, Cam-pact (Originally titled Camp-act but their recording label decided that this name was too controversial at the time and rearranged the letters of the bands name).

Cam-pact consisted of Chris on guitar, Mark Barnes (ex-Moppa Blues) on bass, Keith Glass (ex-Rising Sons and 18th century Quartet) on guitar and vocals, John Pugh on guitar, vocals and autoharp and Bob Lloyd on drums.

Cam-pact recorded several singles and extended plays but the group reached its limits and Chris moved on.

From here he was invited to join what was truly one of Australia's most popular groups of the time, a group often described as a supergroup' - Axiom. which featured Glenn Shorrock and Brian Cadd. This was Chris' first experience of being in a group where writing original material was demanded and he found it a challenge. Three big singles and an album later, the group went to the UK where it failed to hit the heights it was seeking and folded.

Chris returned to Australia and was in several groups including Winchester. In 1973 he was part of the formation of the mighty Dingoes.

The Dingoes were the creation of Broderick Smith (ex-Carson), vocals and harmonica and Kerryn Tolhurst (ex Sundown and Country Radio) guitar and mandolin and they sought Chris out to be the groups other guitarist who along with John Bois (ex Country Radio) on bass and John Lee (an English drummer) on drums made what was to become an iconic group that is spoken about with great enthusiasm by fans some forty plus years later.

Over the years Chris has been in some very well known groups such as Tinsley Waterhouse and Stockley, See & Mason.

Chris continues to play and has his own group, BRAM. In 2015 recorded and released his only solo album consisting of all original material called Pale New Sun.

By Rob Greaves



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