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Billy Hyde

Billy Hyde was the founder of Billy Hyde Music, a Melbourne based Drum store that expanded into a Music Equipment retail and wholesale empire.

Billy Hyde began his long career during the depression of the early 1930's.

He would cart his drums to gigs in all weather on the tram. He'd play the show, then get his drums and himself home, the same way and all for the princely sum of 5 shillings! (50 cents).

An enormously talented and natural drummer, Billy quickly became Melbourne's 'first call' drummer. Symphony orchestras, radio and TV shows, recording sessions and major international artists all had the benefit of Billy's musicality and enthusiasm.

Right from the earliest days, Billy was an active teacher. Passing on his knowledge and skills to a legion of young drummers. By 1962, there was so much demand for his teaching that Billy had to build a number of studios under the house at Flemington. There were so many students to buy instruments that the inevitable move to a store was made. Billy Hyde Drum Clinic quickly became known as Australia's drum and percussion specialists.

Billy's maxim was to make sure kids received the benefits of quality music education.

The man may be gone but his spirit and energy lives on in the store that bears his name.

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