Example: Category D
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Diaspora Music Artists are those "music artists" (bands, solo acts, duos, buskers, music artist DJs*, etc) who are part of particular country's culture, ethnicity or heritage (i.e. Diaspora), and who express that style musically in performances / recordings but live or are located overseas from the homeland of the music they represent. It could be for instance a Greek folk music artist living in Melbourne, Australia or a Jewish person playing Hebrew folk music living in New York in the USA, or perhaps an African music group of immigrants playing music from Cameroon living in Salvador, Brazil. This section allows for the cultural identification of musicians whose cultural music style is related to a particular country or culture, but live outside of that country. This section includes musicians / music artists / bands / duos /orchestras of all professional and amateur levels who are part of a cultural diaspora whether they perform original material or not are alive or departed (i.e. dead) , current, retired or defunct. Any artists or musicians listed in a particular diaspora collection for a country must have listed beside their name (in bracket form) what country/countries they reside in or based in. It is expected that anyone listed has some sort of traceable performance or recording track record to be eligible for inclusion.


Example: Category E
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Classical Music Artists include collectively on Music Industrapedia all major Classical / Art Music Composers, Musicians, Conductors, Orchestras, Ensembles and Opera Singers of major significance within a given region. The Classical Music Artists who are listed under their own national section have been approved for inclusion by the Industrapedia Music Council. 'Classical Music Artists' listings for a particular territory break into five sub categories of Classical Music Artists such as (1) Orchestra's and Ensembles, (2) Classical / Art Music Composers, (3) Classical / Art Music Conductors, (4) Classical / Art Music Musicians and (5) Opera Singers.


Example: Category F
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This includes Local Music Outfits (listed in accordance to what national territory they reside in) such as Tribute & Cover Bands (no matter how big they are), Cabaret Performers, TV Talent Show Contestants, Club DJ's (who dont write and record their own material*), Choirs, Military Brass Bands, School Bands, Buskers (doing covers), Church Organists, Local Amateur Orchestras etc. and any other sort of music group who want to set up a profile on Music Industrapedia or have one set up for them by their friends, associates, family or fans.


Example: Category G
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This list may include Individual Music Artists, Band Members of Major Music Artists as well as Support / Session Musicians who record or tour with Music Artists in the Global and /or National Major Music Artists List categories of A & B.

Classical / Art Music musicians may also be listed in Category E if they work in contemporary music fields or as session musicians, but they also have their own special section listings under the classical-music-artists sub category sections on our site. This Major Musicians list can also include musicians who work in both the contemporary world of music as session musicians or member musicians of major artist projects as well as the classical world performing for major classical orchestras and ensembles (as per Category (D) .

This list is managed and approved by the Industrapedia Music Council.


Example: Category H
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This includes all other Musicians who dont fit into category (A) (B) or (E) and who perform in music outfits / music artist categories of (C), (D) and (F). It is essentially the category for musicians who fall into either the Local Music Artists category of the the Other Music Outfits category.

There are eight major Music Artist / Music Outfit categories on Music Industrapedia, which are represented as categories ranging from (A) to (H).

We have eight separate hierarchical categories of music artists (from Category A to Category H) for a number of reasons but mostly because of administration, market structure and navigation reasons to make our site easier for us to manage and to make it more appealing and more relevant for the individual user so they dont have to wade through potentially thousands of music artists & outfits

This list defines a "Music Artist" as being a musical entity (solo artist, duo, band, orchestra, ensemble, DJ) who has created and released "original" Recorded Product (record company, indie label, *key self published artist) during their career and /or has performed in major shows / gigs / concerts which features mainly original material written by themselves (or written exclusively for them). Management and enforcement of the defininition of "Music Artists" on Music Industrapedia is by the Industrapedia Music Council (made up of music industry professionals). There are four Music Artist categories on Music Industrapedia - categories A, B, C & D (which are detailed below and to the right of this screen).

Artists who fall outside of our four Music Artist categories will be eligible to go into one of the music group categories on the right hand side of the screen - (F) Music Outfits or (G) Orchestras & Ensembles and/or one of the two individual performers list - Major Musicians (G) or Local Musicians (H) which are detailed on the right hand side of this screen.


Example: Category A
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Major Music Artists (National/International) are Music Artists who are significant major or indie recording artists in their own country and/or are successful internationally. As a minimum requirement they have released at least one album (our mandatory default pre-requisite) that is/or was available nationally through major mainstream or major indie retail channels. Major Music Artists (National/International) are also artists who have achieved international success or are yet to achieve (or did not achieve - in the case of defunct artists) consistent global success throughout their careers.


Example: Category B
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Featured Music Artists are those music artists who have been identified as ones to watch by the Industrapedia Music Council and are considered to be on the Up and Up (i.e. their music careers are considered to be on the Ascendant). Featured Music Artists are expected over time to be upgraded upon review to categories (B) and maybe in time to category (A) if their music careers develop in accordance with the prediction and /or hope of members of the Industrapedia Music Council.


Example: Category C
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Local Music Artists are those "music artists" (bands, solo acts, duos, buskers, music artist DJs*, etc) from a local region (a state, county, territory within a country) whose recordings (demos / indie / self published recorded releases) and/or live music sets are/was made up of mainly their own original material. Local Music Artists include "music artists" (current or defunct) who are yet to achieve (or never achieved) major artist status in their own country due to their albums being only available at a local state level (with no major or significant indie national retail presence), or who may be national in a live or media presence (but have not yet released an actual album) and/or whose activities have been mainly centred around a local state area within that country they reside in (such as a state, country or neighbourhood of a nation) that are either yet to be nationally recognised.
*Must include over 60% of their own material (and no more that 40% of sampling or doing covers of other peoples material. Or, have recorded product released by a major or indie label that has been approved by the industrapedia music council).

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Music Artists and Outfits are to be listed under their home country, however Music Artists and Outfits who are from a diaspora or who are based on a cultural theme must list themselves under their current home country as well as the country's culture they represent diaspora section (category D). (E.g. An Australian band who plays African music from South Africa can go under both "Australia - Local Artists" and "South Africa - Diaspora Artists".

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