Definition: Music Outfits

The term "Music Outfit" is the term we use to describe music performing entities who DO NOT fit into our "Music Artist" definition. These include musical bands/ music performing groups / solo music performers, etc. who do not write their own songs / music material and mainly perform other people's songs. The category of 'Other Music Outfits' on Music Industrapedia includes 'Local Music Outfits' (listed in accordance to what national state or territory they reside in) in the particular nation where they are listed under. We have identified 25 different type of music performance entities that may be considered to be classified as belonging in the "Other Music Outfits" category on Music Industrapedia….

Those 25 Music Outfit categories on Music Industrapedia may include the following musical performance configurations of music entities who DO NOT perform their own songwriting material:

  1. Amateur & Community Orchestras
  2. Brass Bands
  3. Buskers (who do covers)
  4. Cabaret Performers
  5. Choirs & A Capella Groups
  6. Church Music Groups
  7. DJ's (who dont write and record their own material*).
  8. Duo's
  9. Eisteddfod Performers
  10. Ethnic Music Outfits (who play 60% or more non original music / traditional music in their repetoire)
  11. Instrumentalists (solo)
  12. Lip Sync Performers
  13. Mechanical Music Operators
  14. Music Groups (Cover bands, etc)
  15. Musical Theatre Bands and Orchestras
  16. Organists
  17. Pianists (Piano Bar covers, etc)
  18. Pipe Bands
  19. Rappers (solo or duo)
  20. School Bands & Orchestras
  21. Solo Vocalists (who do covers)
  22. Talent Show Contestants
  23. Television Show Bands
  24. Tribute Bands
  25. X-cetra (all other music outfits)

See our Music Artist Categories Master Page for a full rundown on how our Music Industrapedia Music Artist / Outfit categories work.

Please Note that Music Industrapedia first and foremost places a priority in its listing recognition of Music Artists over and above Music Outfits on our site because of the contribution of music artistry in the form of original composition from "Music Artists". It is for this reason we have decided to segregate the listings of what we deem to be "Music Artists" and "Music Outfits" on our site rather than exclude music performers and outfits who do not perform original material on our site. For those music performers who perform a mix of original material and cover versions in their set or on their recordings we have a 60% Rule* as to whether a music performer will be placed in either the "Music Artist" or "Music Outfit" category on our site.

*60% RULE: Must include over 60% of their own material (and no more that 40% of sampling or doing covers of other peoples material to be considered a 'Local Music Artist'. Or, have recorded product released by a major or indie label that has been classified as being 'noteable' by the Industrapedia Music Council otherwise the music entity will be placed in the appropriate 'Music Outfit' state or territory listing where they mainly reside).

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