Definition: Community

"Community" ( or 'The Community') is a very important word for us here on Music Industrapedia. It refers primarily to the community of writers here on Music Industrapedia who write and create the content on these pages who are mainly made up of former and current music industry professionals (music journalists, record company people, musicians, music publicists, managers, roadies, promoters, studio engineers, etc) and qualified fans (music fans who have passed our approval process to write on our site).

It also refers to the intended audience of this site (those we wish to read and use this site) - the very same people who have not yet joined us as writers but who may use this site as a source of reference or entertainment, once it is more developed. This site is intended FOR the Music Industry Community.

Although we hope that music fans will also enjoy this site, it is for the global music industry community that this site has been created for, by members of that community, most of whom have connected up with us via music industry alumni groups on social media, but especially through the Ye Olde Networking sites created by Simon Rashleigh who is also the creator/founder of Music Industrapedia.

To learn more about Ye Olde Networks please visit the website:

And to become a member of our Community please visit our Membership Page

If you are already part of our community as a writer etc, then that also means you are also automatically one of our "members". To find out who also is a member / writer on Music Industrapedia please visit our Global Members Club Portal.

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