Submit Writings to us at moc.liamg|aidepartsudni.cisum#moc.liamg|aidepartsudni.cisum

If you would like to submit writings for a page we have on Music Industrapedia, whether it be for a music artist, musician, band etc. or a person or business that was/is associated with the music industry (possibly also including yourself, your own music based business or band), then please email us at moc.liamg|aidepartsudni.cisum#moc.liamg|aidepartsudni.cisum with the email topic line "WRITING SUBMISSION" and the name of the subject of the written piece.

Then in the email body of your correspondence with us please include 'the written work'.

Attachments are also permitted as long as they are in pdf or word (.doc or .docx) format for writings or as an image in jpg, tiff, gif or png format. If possible please also include the URL (website address) of the page on our site that you want to provide writings for.

Please Note: (1) Whilst we prefer a full page of writing, we are also happy to receive just a paragraph or two. (2) You may also send us a suggestion for a 'page to be created' on our site, using the same method of submission (above) along with your submitted writings to support its creation.

All submissions must be written in encyclopedic style, please do not send us PR pieces. Please refer to (as a general public reference) Wikipedia's 'Writing Style Guide', this guide gives you a general sense of how to write in 'Encyclopedic Style'… Wikipedia - Encyclopedic style (Information style and tone section)
Please Note: We are not directly associated with and we are not as strict as Wikipedia, and we allow unreferenced and approved (by Music Industrapedia Council) 'original work' on our site which we attempt to fact check to the best of our ability.

Please also include your full name, contact email and the place where you live (City/Town/Area plus State and Country)

If you have any music industry experience please also include that. This is not a pre-requisite for submitting writers but we would like to know as you may be eligible to be listed for a page on our site based on your experience, whether you worked behind the scenes or are/were a local musician ro someone/something else.

A music industrapedia council member or approved editing member of music industrapedia will then check your work for grammar, encyclopedic writing style, check to see if your being too critical/defamatory and to make sure you have the correct details (fact check). If all is well the work will be published ASAP on our site and you will be sent a link and thankyou for your submission and asked for more details for a writers profile page. If what you have submitted needs changes or needs work because its a bit too PR focussed and not encyclopedic enough in its written style then we will write back to you with suggested changes and invite you to re-submit your writing with those changes.

Please note that it is at Music Industrapedia's discretion if we choose to add to your written work or edit it. In such cases where the body of the work is still mostly yours we will still keep your writers credit. In the case where someone has submitted work to replace your work, we will in most cases use both works via a tabulated text box on our site, offering a couple of perspectives on the subject with the best written work (in our eyes) to be given the main placement feature spot on the page in question.

In submitting these writings you promise that the writings are your own work and you agree to give us free non-exclusive use (i.e. you are free to use the writings elsewhere in a non-exclusive way) for all time onwards. You may submit edits to these writings, but those edits come under the approval of the music industrapedia council and can take a while to process.

No payment or any remuneration is given for any writings, but prolific writing may be given free banner advertising for a time, subject to the approval and place of Music Industrapedia management. Prolific writers may also be offered membership on Music Industrapedia, giving them certain site editing access and page creation clearances.

All writers who submit writings for Music Industrapedia will be given a writers credit and a link page on Music Industrapedia to identify the according to our category rules and listed under the country of their birth or where they have lived most of their lives.


As a sample of our existing writers, check out Glenn Forsyth's page (click on the link embedded within his name). On his page under the heading "LINKS" you will see a link to the Glenn Forsyth Submission Collection. Here you will see the major music writings that Glenn has submitted to music industrapedia such as the Led Zeppelin page and the Elvis Presley page. If/when you submit a number of quality articles to our site we will set up a submissions page for your writings such as we've done for Glenn.

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