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Primarily membership (and editing capability) on Music Industrapedia has been made available to people who have been invited by Ye Olde Networks social media music sites ( or from our approved member recruiter network (who come from within the membership ranks of Music Industrapedia). To enquire more, please email us at moc.liamg|skrowten.edlo.ey#moc.liamg|skrowten.edlo.ey

However, anyone who works or has worked (at any time) within the music industry from anywhere around the world or is / was a musician is welcome to become a member on Music Industrapedia for FREE (see joining requirements below).

To see who we have already as members on Music Industrapedia, please visit our Member Profiles - Global Outlook page and choose the country's members list you are inquiring about (please note this is only visible to current members).

NOT A MEMBER? (See Below)

Our site is free for anyone to view (except the members area). However if you want to be a member to contribute content (writings and images) to our site please see below…

Join By Email or Facebook Connect (FREE Membership - Current and Ex Music Industry People)

Membership is FREE for musicians, music artists, band / outfits and music industry workers past and/or present (alumni, retired, currently inactive, full time, part time, casual &/or contract). All we need to do is validate your music industry existence / experience (internet proof) or have an existing member or music industry figure vouch for you. We are pretty easy going in this regard so please don't be intimidated.

If you would like to apply for membership, please email us at moc.liamg|skrowten.edlo.ey#moc.liamg|skrowten.edlo.ey and include the following details:


  • Your Name, Your Stage Name or name of industry entity / brand you represent
  • Your Location in the world
  • Past / Current Status within the Music Industry (any time in the past or present)
  • Music Industry occupation/s (professional, not for profit & amateur) that you have held / had
  • Who can vouch for you in the music industry or what proof can you offer of your involvement (internet links?).

Or, fill out the following form to apply directly online.

Your name
Brand Name
(Optional) Or Stage Name, Business Name, etc.
Email address
We will use this email address to respond to your application
Or Social Media / Online Profile URL
Country of origin and/or current residency
Vouched for by
(Optional) Music Industrapedia member or Industry figure
Industry Experience

Industry Experience: Describe your Music Industry experience, occupation, and roles (past and present) that you have held. Include links to any related material, and to other music industry professionals that can vouch for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have submitted your details via the form above we will process your membership ASAP
(Usually this is within 5 to 10 hours but please allow up to 24 - 48 hours in case we are currently busy)

Join Via Wikidot

To join Music Industrapedia via Wikidot, please click on the APPLY NOW button below and follow the prompts

Please Note: This "APPLY NOW" button is only visible to Non Members (and will disappear once you are a member of this site)

Once you have joined Wikidot, please email us at moc.liamg|skrowten.edlo.ey#moc.liamg|skrowten.edlo.ey and let us know your Wikidot ID name so we can invite you internally within the Wikidot System.

  • MUSIC INDUSTRY PEOPLE (Current, Ex & Alumni) Please include the MUSIC INDUSTRY PERSON DETAILS REQUIRED points in your email as listed in the 2nd paragraph below.
  • NON MUSIC INDUSTRY PEOPLE: Please refer to our Non Music Industry / Music Fan membership section below and include those requested points listed in your email response to us.

Non Music Industry People:

Join as a Music Fan (Fees Apply or Approved Writing Contributions* as membership contra payment)

For music fans / general public a joining fee of $30 USD applies (this includes first year membership fees), with a recurring annual membership fee of $20 USD.

Content contributions (writings) by music fans or the general public can be submitted in lieu of the membership fees if we (Admins, Moderators or Council Members) find the writings to be acceptable for publishing on our site. In other words if you write for our site or assist us in building the site (according to our instructions, rules and mandate) and we consider the writings or assistance to be OK, then that can cover your joining fee and current and future members fee. Significant writing contributions can also earn you some gift memberships for friends.

If you commence by paying a fee and then later contribute (acceptable) writings we will offer you a membership gift token to the value of your members payments so that you can gift it to a friend.

For membership billings please write to us at moc.liamg|skrowten.edlo.ey#moc.liamg|skrowten.edlo.ey and we will send you our Paypal details.

We happily accept all written contributions for our site whether your are a member or not. In such a case we will post the written contribution on your behalf (if we find it to be acceptable and even if it needs a bit of editing). So don't be shy, please send us your written contributions to moc.liamg|aidepartsudni.cisum#moc.liamg|aidepartsudni.cisum it could earn you free membership or you may just want to publish what you write with no membership seeking options if that is your preference. We will also consider giving you a writing credit for your work on our site (if preferrred).

Membership is free for any music writers or bloggers (professionals or amateurs - active or retired). Please fill in the Music Industry people join form above and provide us with some links of your work or alternatively just tell us what you have written in the past. Written work here is all voluntary and will be all open source / creative commons and you will be credited for your work (if you wish). Also the writing style on our site is to be encyclopedic (similar to Wikipedia) and we do not want opinion based blogging narratives nor do we want critiques, only encyclopedic styled writings in the 3rd person. We'd prefer to keep the context and tone of writing on our site friendly, positive, respectful and uncontroversial or to not have those writings at all. No hyped or Gushed Up or PR styled writings please, any that we come across will be suspended until they can be rewritten or alternatively deleted; please keep your writings descriptive - Not Hyped!!!. Original research is allowed on our site, but this is not a place to push opinions, only encyclopedic facts and stories (preferably sourced/referenced, but not essential) about the music industry and its various music artists and outfits according to our style guide, required formats and rules. Although we have a much more relaxed view to contributed content on our site (compared to say Wikipedia) and will allow some misdemeanors through if they don't quite meet our style guide, we will need to contact you about any problems we come across to see if we can mutually fix it rather than delete it. Please remember we see EVERY single edit on our site via the recent-changes function on Wikidot. As for benefits - all music writers and music bloggers who become members of Music Industrapedia will be given an encyclopedic page on our site under your name which in turn be placed under our music writers sections within the Music Media section for the country you reside in and/or originated from. Being a wiki, any other member of our site will be able to edit that page and vice versa, except in special circumstance (as controlled by our admins). All credited writings you create will point back to this page of yours to promote you as a writer and also because every piece can be tracked back to that person. Please Note: There is no anonymous contributed writings to this site, everything is traceable to ensure responsible writings. Being a writer on our site also allows you to promote links to your own site or blog in the LINKS section of a particular subject (person, music artist, music business, etc), so if you have an opinion you want to express, please link your critique, blog or site to that page instead. Please be respectful of existing written work on our site and please add to it rather than change or replace it. Please contact us first for permission before you consider replacing any writings that already exists to avoid conflict within our community of contributors. Permission to change that written work will then be considered in a speedily manner after it has been reviewed by a member of the Industrapedia Music Council.

Membership is free for Music Journalism students. Other music industry student will also be considered for free membership. All we need is a sample of what you have written from your course or some proof of your music industry school or industry related course. This is a great way to get your career started and we do offer writers credits for articles if preferred which link back to your own free industry profile page.

If you are a long time Wikidot editor / member or have considerable standing within the core Wikidot community we will consider granting you free permanent V.I.P. to our site. Please let us know of your interest in us so we can consider making you a member. Wikidot members with Pro or Pro+ Wikidot membership or have Guru level membership will automatically be given FREE membership upon application on this site.

If you have been spoken to about becoming a member of our site via special arrangement via one of the Industrapedia Music Council members or site administrators and you are a Non Music Industry Person, please mention the specific details to us in an email to moc.liamg|skrowten.edlo.ey#moc.liamg|skrowten.edlo.ey

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