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The Thumpin' Tum was an alternative rock music venue located at 50 Little Latrobe Street in the Melbourne CBD during the mid 1960's. The club was founded by Ken Moat and Ron Eden in 1966.

Ron and Ken & another associate along with David Flint, saw the opening for a new form of music venue as the traditional Town Hall venues were not meeting the needs of the up and coming baby Boomers.

David Flint Managed and operated the Tum, with his wife Jan being well known at the door.

Not long after it opened David became the owner of the Thumping Tum and was largely responsible for its beautiful Victorian decor and the iconic upside down umbrella's that hung from the ceiling in the dance/performance area.

Apart from being the first of many such warehouse/commercial building music venues, it was THE place to hear the best, latest and most outrageous of acts.

If you didn't play at the Thumping Tum then you hadn't "made it"!

It's beautiful Victorian style furniture and associated fittings were matched by its magnificent toasted ham and tomato sandwiches, and while highly illegal and not sanctioned, participants would often get very stoned from simply attending and inhaling the copious amounts of dope smoke tat came from attendees and bands alike.

Totally exhausted from the constant demands upon him as a result of operating the Tum, David sold it in 1970 and for a short while it continued under the name of Thumping Tum, before changing its name and folding within a year of David selling.


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