Paradise Studios was an iconic recording studio in Sydney where some of Australia's most important rock and pop albums were recorded during the 1980's.


"Legendary Australian recording studio Paradise had an interesting beginning.

Sydney ‘s King Fox was a one hit pop group. Maybe singer Billy Field would have gone on with a subsequent career in music sooner but the course of the life of the son of wealthy graziers was changed with his father became seriously ill. It was up to Billy to run the family property for several years.

He returned to Sydney and music eventually, initially not as a musician but as an investor in a new recording studio, Paradise. It was there that Billy then recorded his No.1 big band jazz album ‘Bad Habits.’ But it was what happened in the meantime and afterwards which makes Paradise especially legendary.

Iva Davies and Icehouse started their career as Flowers at Paradise. Cold Chisel emigrated to Paradise with the Angels Albert’s producer Mark Opitz for Cold Chisel’s third breakthrough album ‘East’. It was lucky three again for Paradise and Opitz for the INXS breakthrough album ‘Shabooh Shoobah’. When Midnight Oil returned to Australia to record in 1985 it was to Paradise they headed for ‘Species Deceases.’ Part of the studios’ appeal was international equipment companies sending their new products to Paradise for “off Broadway” trials.

Paradise isn’t a studio any more. It’s apartments. Heritage torn down"

By Ed Nimmervoll (March 2013)
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