Motown is a record label that has changed and evolved a multitude of times during its existence, which includes the being re-branded and restructured into various other names and forms by its various owners over time.

Originally it was know as the Motown Record Corporation which was a record company established in 1960 by Berry Gordy, Jr. As well as being a record company, Motown became a record distributor within a year of its incorporation. Motown was also the name of one of its main record labels along with several other record labels that were established under the Motown Record Corporation umbrella by Berry Gordy, Jr.

Motown is currently operating under the Capitol Records Group and was previously a subsidiary of The Island Def Jam Music Group, which is itself (along with the Capitol Records Group) a subsidiary of the French-owned Vivendi subsidiary: Universal Music Group.

The Motown Record Label is an American record label mostly associated with the genres of rhythm and blues (R&B) and soul. Founded by Berry Gordy, Jr. who created Motown via incorporating his business as the 'Motown Record Corporation', the business began in Detroit, Michigan in the United States, on April 14, 1960. Motown was a record company as well as being one of several record labels operating under the business of the Motown Record Corporation.

HISTORY - As a Record Company / Label
Motown as a record company commenced essentially in 19XX when Berry Gordy, Jr. commenced marketing blah blah blah but it didn't officially become a record company until it was incorporated as the Motown Record Corporation on the 14th of April 1960 in Detroit, in the state of Michigan, in the United States.

HISTORY - As a Record Distributor
We are so far unclear as to how Berry Gordy Jr distributed his records in the earliest days of Motown's operation (hopefully some one will come forward with that information), however according to available sources3 it seems that in the early days of Motown's operation soon after being incorporated, the Motown record Corporation was distributed by United Artists where they leased the master tapes after Berry Gordy Jr found that they couldn't keep up with national production and distribution. This arrangement changed when Smokey Robinson suggested Berry Gordy Jr creates his own distribution company.


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