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Narasirato Pan Pipers

DESCRIPTION: Narasirato Pan Pipers are an indigenous pop band from the Solomon Islands who play traditional native instruments and who regularly tour various music festivals from around the world.


ACTIVITY PERIOD: 1991 - 1997, 2006 to Current

MUSIC GENRE: Indigenous Contemporary Pop, Tribal Pop, World Music


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Living in the remote Oterama Village on the island of Malaita in the Solomon Islands, Narasirato Pan Pipers are farmers and fishermen who keep their musical culture, dating back 75 generations, alive. The Oterama was village founded in the 1980’s and prior to this the people lived in the hills covering the area. The village does not have telephones, internet or television and it’s people are protective of their culture from Western influences. Tied to a belief system called “Warato’o” - the little seed of goodness in everything – they take inspiration from the wisdom of their ancestors.

The groups’ music and performance reflects the Are’are culture that they are part of, from the body painting to group dance, and their amazing array of hand made instruments - log drums, conch shells, bamboo thong-o-phones, pan pipes and stomping tubes. Underpinned by a trancelike bass-driven rhythm, with flourishes of melody from ages-old native scales, their music sounds like an acoustic ode to mother nature. Their distinctive sound will delight fans of the likes of Gurumal, Buena Vista Social Club or Tinariwen.

The band has been in formation for several decades and was formed as an activities project to give local youth a creative focus. The group formalized its existence in 1991 as Narasirato Pan Pipers and lasted for 6 more years. Then during the time of social upheaval in the Solomon Islands, in 1997 the group disbanded. Nine years passed until in 2006 an Australian music researcher Peter Keelan from the Australia Council investigating the pan pipe sound of the Solomon Islands stumbled across the former existence of Narasirato and with help from local politicians encouraged the group to reform and in doing so Keegan became their international manager. From here on Narasarito Pan Pipers then recorded and released an album and started to do major music festivals from around the world from Glastonbury to Womad to Fuji Rock.



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