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Ross D. Wyllie



ACTIVITY PERIOD: 1964 - Current



RECORD COMPANIES / LABELS (Current & Past): Sunshine, Festival, Fable



Note: Although regularly referred to as Ross DS. Wylie his correct surname is in fact WYLLIE.

Ross D. Wyllie was born on November 21st 1944 in Ashgrove, Brisbane.

He contracted polio at the age of 8 1/2 and due to an initial mis-diagnosis, his treatment started late which impacted on his recovery.

However, from the time it was diagnosed and he began treatment Ross was determined to live as normal a life as possible, to follow his heart and carve out a career in the entertainment business.

Ross always points out to those that show interest in his life that, he is not a polio victim, he is a polio survivor!

During his early teens, and as part of his recovery program he was given a Hawaiian guitar to learn to play. It was at this point Ross realised that his future did not lay in being a musician, but rather as a singer.

Having sung in choirs as a young boy, Ross understood he had a wonderful soprano voice, and he became determined to make use of it and to undertake a pop career.

However, even as his singing career was kicking off, circumstances thrust him into the world of TV pop show comparing and he first became the host of the TV pop show Uptight ( and later Happening 70.

During this period, in the late 1960's, Ross married Eileen and they had children and are still together today.

His halcyon years for his most successful releases was certainly the late 60's and early 1970's.

A little known story in regard to his monster hit - The Star (#1 in 1969) is that one day, Ross was in a production meeting when Johnny Young walked in.

It seems that Ross rather unkindly demanded to know why Johnny was at the meeting and that he should leave for having no business being there.

The story goes that Johnny took his leave and left and wrote, within a very short time, the song - The Star as a result of that encounter. The result was a massive hit for Ross and a life-long friendship with Johnny Young.

Ross is among the first to acknowledge that he not only made some good career decisions but also so very bad one's. His inability to play the "political games" in the music industry came back to bite him often.

Ross had a strong desire to become a late nigh TV host and was invited to host two shows for Ernie Sigley's "Adelaide Tonight". His performance as the host in Sigley's absence was very successful and at the time Ross thought he was on a breakthrough.

Then "politics" reared its head and Ross (not for the first time) found himself on the outer.

By the 1980's, although he was till performing, his recording career was all but at an end.

Compilation Albums

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Ross D. Wyllie (in 2020)

Uptight – Party Time (by Ross D. Wyllie and the Uptight Party Team) (1969) (Calendar / Festival Records) (R66-522)
TV Week Presents: Super Sounds of Happening '71 (1971) Festival Records (SR66-9812)
Smile: The Festival Files Volume Ten (May 1988) Festival Records
Ross D. Wyllie: the Complete Collection (14 August 2014) Aztec Records (AVSCD071)[22]

"Short Skirts" (1967) Sunshine Records (QK-1859)[7]
"A Bit of Love" (1967) Sunshine Records (QK-2022)[7]
"Smile" (April 1968) Festival Records
"Funny Man" (June 1969) Festival Records AUS: No. 17[14]
"The Star" (September 1969) Festival Records[25] AUS: No. 1[16]
"Free Born Man" / "My Little Girl" (April 1970) Festival Records
"He Gives Us All His Love" (April 1971) Fable Label
"It Takes Time" (August 1971) Fable Label
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Over the years Ross continued performing and had two further releases.

  • Smile: The Festival Files Volume Ten [Smile: The Festival Files Volume Ten]
  • Ross D. Wyllie: the Complete Collection [2014]

Ross's performances are now usually for friends and groups associated with the Melbourne Debonairs (


Ross D Wyllie performs on Uptight and later on on 'Happening 70'.


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