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Murray Robertson

DESCRIPTION: Murray Robertson


ACTIVITY PERIOD: 1950's - Current

MUSIC GENRE: Rock & Roll, Rock


MAIN INSTRUMENT: Piano, Keyboards

BANDS / OUTFITS: The Thunderbirds



Murray Robertson was born on October 30th 1940.

His mother was a trained classical pianist and Murray was bought up in a home with a concert piano and was encouraged to play it from a young age at any opportunity. As he got older he undertook classical piano lessons and undertook Australian Music Board exams for seven years.

Although growing up as a teen in the 1950’s when Rock & Roll was rearing its head, Murray concentrated on classical piano playing but eventually the music of the big band era drew him away from classical piano and this led to him joining his first band – The legendary The Thunderbirds

Even though The Thunderbirds were incredibly popular and were playing up to five gigs a week, Murray never considered music as a full-time career and he undertook and completed a five-year apprenticeship in Aircraft electrical Engineering.

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The Thunderbirds

While in Thunderbirds that group became the support and backing band for an amazing tour of US artists that included Roy Orbison and Dion Dimucci while also becoming the backing band for many Australian artists such as Johnny Chester and Marcie Jones.

As the 1960’s progressed Murray played less but became active in the studio where he undertook music direction, particularly for Merv Benton and Johnny Chester.

Into the 1970’s, and Murray moved away from music, although he was part of a revived thunderbirds in the late 1970’s, and began to develop out his non-music career where he moved into design and drafting.

Murray took up a job in Ohio, USA, training a company in the use of an industry computer package before returning to Australia.

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The Thunderbirds receiving Music Victoria 'Hall of Fame' Award (2015)

However, on his return Murray discovered the difficulty of getting a job in his chosen career as a new wave of university graduates had come through and were flooding the industry.

He then joined a working band that was supporting a tour by Australian legends Normie Rowe, Johnny Young, Marcie Jones and Buddy England.

In 2015, The Thunderbirds were inducted into the Music Victoria Hall of Fame by their former lead singer and Murrays partner, Marcie Jones,

He has over the past few decades continued to play ad hoc performances with his many music industry friends and on a semi-regular basis in a duo with is life-partner, Marcie Jones.



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