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Geoff Krozier

DESCRIPTION: Geoff Krozier was a music performance artist and avante garde magician who was once involved with and also who recorded with Australian electronic / prog pioneers Rainbow Generator under the project name of 'Krozier & The Generator'.


ACTIVITY PERIOD: 1970's - 1981

MUSIC GENRE: Avante Garde, Experimental Electronic, Prog


RECORD COMPANIES / LABELS (Current & Past): Fission Chips



Born Geofrey Thomas Crozier he was variously known as Geoff, Geof or Jeff and his surname while officially Crozier with a "C", was changed by him for stage work in the late 1970's to Krozier.

His first connection with Magik came when he amazed one of his teachers by accurately predicting the placegetters in a school cross-country run. He did so by giving her a sealed envelope days before the event was conducted. On opening it after the event was over, she gasped, “You’re psychic!”

A number of amateur appearances as an illusionist provided a slight insight into where he was going. His first real break came whilst working as a set designer and props man for a Melbourne television station. The booked act failed to turn up for a talent program, so he stood in – and won! Television appearances mushroomed nation wide, and by the late 1960’s the tendrils of rock and roll reached out and grabbed him. He often filled spots between main acts, but that wasn’t good enough, he wanted to set the world on fire.

Geoff’s first real complete stage show came with the formation of Crozier’s Indian Medicine Show, a wondrous show of pyrotechnics, smoke and lighting effects with multi-decibel rock and roll. It would be a mistake however to assume that the shows were well planned or well rehearsed, it was more like ‘hold on’ for the audience, and, ‘hang on tight’ for his band. As Duncan Fry, one of Geoff’s earliest guitarists wrote, “What he wanted was free-form continuous music for the 30 minutes or so that he performed, while clouds of oily smoke, flashpots, and strobe lights alternately choked and dazzled the audience. Most of the musicians who turned up for the audition couldn't handle such a laissez-faire attitude to the music side of things. "But what songs are we going to play?" they would whine. "No songs, just play, play" Geoff would reply, setting off another flashpot.”

Throughout the 1970’s Geoff and various incarnations of the Indian Medicine Band toured Australia widely, putting on performances, which ranged between brilliant and totally chaotic. He was variously faced with stunned silence or rapturous scenes of mayhem as the audience went wild. But something was missing, he sought more from himself, he sought more from his magic, he sought more from his audience.

Despite the showings of appreciation, his act languished for the want of wider acceptance. He lapsed into a deep depression and eventually left for America. It was the ultimate magicians act – he simply disappeared - and reappeared in the USA. His full story can be found in his biography (link provided on this page) but he worked with a variety of musicians and then disappeared again, this time to appear in Paris, where he was the highlight act at the Olympia.

Another stint back in the USA followed, he formed ‘Kongress’, with noted keyboardist Otto Von Ruggins, but he was tiring of the rock & roll element of his shows, and indeed felt a need to return to his native Australia, and so it was he reappeared in Melbourne, Australia in the late 1970's.

It was then that he connected with The Generator (aka Rainbow Generator), a two-man outfit consisting of Rob Greaves. on all manner of synths and rhythm machines and David Labuschagne (nee Mow) on guitar and synths. As Krozier & the Generator they played an intense series of shows in and around Melbourne in the later part of 1980, while refining a new act.

In January 1981 he and the entire show, menagerie and all, relocated to the Fission Chips Studio (a three story building in the squats of Woolloomooloo NSW), operated by Generator guitarist, David Labuschagne.

There was to be a lay-off while David shaped hours of recorded material together, and Geoff devised a new set of illusions - all in preparation for a national tour.

He died on May 17th 1981 at the age of 33, from an accident at his home, before that tour manifested.

The resultant double vinyl album - Trancerformer, was released mid 1981 as a tribute to him.

That album was subsequently re-released in in 2015 on the Finders Keepers label in the UK.

KEY ALBUMS - As 'Krozier & The Generator':

Tranceformer-Krozier&The-Generator.jpg Kroziers-Crusade-Krozier&The-Generator.jpg Signs-and-Symbols-Krozier&The-Generator.jpg Hannibals-Skull-Krozier&The-Generator.jpg


Geoff Krozier rare performance video:!


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