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Enrico Caruso

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Enrico CARUSO (1873-1921)

Credited as being first globally recognised entertainer, he was born into a poor family in Naples. He sang in church choirs, and made his opera debut at the age of 21. He built his career up during his mid-late twenties, performing on stages across Europe, and by the turn of the century was one of opera’s brightest young stars. His range, from baritone to tenor, and his smooth, soaring power, soon found him in demand internationally. His range was so so enormous that at one concert he turned his back and sang the part of a sick and absent bass baritone. He debuted in London in 1902, and the following year at New York’s Metropolitan Opera in Rigoletto. He became one of the Met’s best-loved stars, but he was destined to be a performer whose talent would not only be enjoyed by people who could attend live performances. His voice found its way across the world via the new medium of the gramophone. Described as a likeable and affable man, he lived a life of opulence, yet remained compassionate and disciplined in his work throughout his career. He retired from performing in 1920, and died the following year, mourned the world over as “the great Caruso”.

By Larry Buttrose

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