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Barry Charles

DESCRIPTION: Barry Charles is a blues singer-songwriter and musician from Yandina on the Sunshine Coast.


ACTIVITY PERIOD: 1970's - Current

MUSIC GENRE: Blues, Rock, Blues Rock, Blues Soul



BANDS / OUTFITS: Solo Artist, Winchester, Barry Charles Band, Barry Charles and the Deeper Beat

RECORD COMPANIES / LABELS (Current & Past): Independent



Barry has been on the Australian music scene over many decades but he first gained significant popularity in the early 1970’s with Winchester, a group that played at and, was well appreciated, at the notorious Station Hotel in Greville Street Prahran.

Barry has been involved in music ever since his years at Mornington High School in the early 1960’s when he bought a guitar and taught himself to play. It didn’t take long for him to join a local group playing the music of the Shadows and Duane Eddy.

However Barry’s talented guitar playing was beginning to be overshadowed by his voice. Appreciating the vocal abilities of the likes of Nat King Cole, Paul Robeson and Ella Fitzgerald, he started to take his singing seriously, appreciating the importance of the science of breathing and the use of the diaphragm and he began working with various exercises to develop and maintain his voice.

Born into a family of singers, his grandfather had a bass baritone voice and his father was a tenor. He can incorporate in a performance innovative scatting, interwoven with the unmistakable sounds of Tuva singing with influences here from [the late] Paul Pena. Barry can explore the technique of split harmonics and his phrasing is quite unique

In fact it certainly didn’t take Barry long to appreciate the amazing resonation and vibration his voice had and, for the audiences to begin to appreciate the fact that he had an amazing FIVE octave range, which put him in the same elite company as Axel Rose and Mariah Carey.

He was fast becoming known as an amazing vocalist, but Barry was also beginning to appreciate that he could also use his voice also as an instrument.

That discovery continues to underpin his music right through to today and when mixed in with a liberal smattering of skat singing, we in the audience, are set back on our heels in amazement.

With a strong foundation of driving blues rhythms, Barry uses his voice to engage us with a range of sonic auditory explosions that go from the deep down Tibetan Monk chants through to the soaring highs of the Motown singers.

Barry currently resides in Yandina Queensland and works extensively up and down the Queensland and NSW coasts and inland, with occasional shows in Melbourne.

He has performed in the UK including an invitation to perform at the world renowned Glastonbury Festival on the Avalon Field, as well as the World Expo in Hanover, Germany, and at the Eden Project in Cornwall. He has also performed at festivals in Australia from Woodford and Caloundra Music Festivals and the Bay of Islands Jazz & Blues Festival in New Zealand.

He has collaborated with some of the best artists in Australia and overseas including Phil Manning, Glyn Mason, Sam See, Parris MacLeod, Peter Wells, Haggis Maguiness, Dave Mason, Hall and Oats and Alvin Lee.

By Rob Greaves



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