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Musicpedia is the General Encyclopedia element of Music Industrapedia.

Musicpedia is the place for all other information for music as a concept and the music industry which are not included in the set navigational topics of Music Industrapedia in general. We do this because Music Industrapedia is three things its an Industry Directory, A social media meeting place and an encyclopedia.

Those set navigational topics as outlined in the navigational titles that can be found in the side and top panels as well as in the Site Map and Index of Lists cover the Music Directory and Social meeting place of Music Industraopedia and specific encyclopedic entries for items in that directory laid out accorinding to industry pecking order and geographical locations. However, for items which fall outside of this area which are general concepts we have our Musicpedia section.

For the sake of being clearer, the following topics are not included in musicpedia because they have their own sections within Music Industrapedia…


  • Member Profiles
  • Music Artists
  • Record Companies & Labels
  • Music Industry People
  • Music Media
  • Music Retail
  • Music Instrument & Pro Audio Industry
  • Orchestras and Ensembles
  • Music Venues
  • Recording Studios
  • Music Management
  • Music Promoters
  • Music Publishers
  • Music Product (Recorded Music, Filmed Works, Books, Sheet Music, Merchandise, Endorsed Products)
  • Music Support Services
  • Music Associations
  • Geographical Music Territory Listings for all the above categories
  • Pecking Order Lists for Music Industry Levels of Achievements for the above categories (e.g Five distinctive Music artist sub categories)

PLEASE NOTE: Where it is relevant to discuss a directory entry from one of the above categories in a general encyclopedic entry (e.g. the importance of Jimmy Hendrix in the evolution of the rock guitar sound) we will of course include that item / person / group / entity of interest as part of the discussion with hyperlinks to the page of the contextually relevant item/ person/ group or entity.


  • Music Theory
  • Music Genre
  • Stage Acts (The use of theatre & fashion in music)
  • Music History (for all forms and eras for all genres)

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