MELBOURNE - Other Music Outfits

1. Amateur Orchestras & Local Community Orchestras

2. Brass Bands

3. Buskers

4. Cabaret Performers (including Music Theatre vocal performance based acts)

5. Choirs & A Capella Groups

6. Church Based Music Groups (including Gospel)

7. DJ's* / Disc Jockeys (all forms - Club DJ's, Mobile DJ's, Performing Media DJ's on Radio & TV)

*Who perform less than 60% of their own material

8. Duo's - who do covers

9. Eisteddfod Performers - Music & Dance

10. Ethnic Music Oufits who do traditional folk music (unique to a particular culture)

11. Instrumentalists (solo) - Doing Covers or supporting as a Music Accompanist.

12. Lip Sync Performers

13. Mechanical Music Operators - Organ Grinders, Street Organs & Piano Roll Operators

14. Cover Bands - Who Do Covers (no matter what music genre) with or without vocals or those who operate as session bands for recording / live performance (doing covers).

15. Musical Theatre Orchestras, Bands & Instrumentalists

16. Organists (Church, Community, etc)

17. Pianists (doing non original material)

18. Pipe Bands (Bagpipes etc)

19. Rappers* - Solo or Duo rapping to non original music material (unless our 60% Rule* applies - see below)

20. School Bands and Orchestras

21. Solo Vocalists who do covers

22. Talent Show Contestants - TV, Radio, Community Events (E.g. the various 'Idol' programs from around the world)

23. Television Show Bands (E.g. The CBS Orchestra on the David Letterman show)

24. Tribute Bands who mimic well known music artists - All Genres (e.g. Australian music outfit "Babba" is an ABBA tribute band)

25. X-cetra - All other "Music Outfits" Not Listed in sub categories above

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