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DESCRIPTION: Tenger are a unique music group from Mongolia whose main trait is their throaty vocal sounds mixed with traditional and contemporary Mongolian folk music styles. But interwoven in this is a hint of western music styles from American country folk through to trance to barbershop in some of their songs.


ACTIVITY PERIOD: 2007 - Current

MUSIC GENRE: Contemporary Mongolian Folk


RECORD COMPANIES / LABELS (Current & Past): Write Something and overwrite this text

FACEBOOK PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/Tenger.Band


The "Tenger" Mongolian throat singing band was founded in 2007 from Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. All members are bachelor and master Throat singers and Musicians and all had graduated from the University of Arts and Culture of Mongolia and the Music and Dance College in Mongolia.

Most of their music output to the world at large is through YouTube with CD albums available in their home country.

Tenger have won several performances for their music including…

Great Award:
-2nd Prize of the "The Breath of the Earth-2011" 5th International Throatsinging Competition in Ulan-Ude, Buryat.

And have also been involved in a number of international arts events…

Arts Events:
-"Roaring Hooves" 14th International Music Festival of Contemporary and Folk
-"Culture Naadam"5th Nomadic Arts Festival
-"Mongolian beauty 2012" fashion show of Shilmel Zagvar Co.,Ltd

Members include…

Ikel (Mongolian traditional old music instrument)
Ikh khuur (Grand horse-head fiddle)
Khengereg (Fram drum of the shaman)
Khulsan khuur (Wooden jews harp)
Limbe (Flute)
Morin khuur (Horse-head fiddle)
Tovshuur (Lute)
Tumur khuur (Metal jews harp)
Tsuur (Mongolian vertical flute)

By: Simon Rashleigh


This track from Tenger titled 'Baigali' gets very interesting at the 2 min 15 sec mark when a definite American folk / square dance music sound emerges, have a listen

Also, have a listen to Tenger performing their track 'The Gobi' from the 40 sec mark onwards to hear their unique throaty barber shop like sound…


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