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DESCRIPTION: Pescozada is Hip-hop group from Chalatenango, El Salvador who rap in Spanish about political and social challenging themes within El Salvador.


ACTIVITY PERIOD: 1998 - Current

MUSIC GENRE: Hip-hop, Rap, Hardcore


RECORD COMPANIES / LABELS (Current & Past): Istmo Music



Pescozada was formed in 1998 by two rappers Luis Escobar (Fat Lui) and Cesar Diaz Alvarenga (Debil Estar) who grew up in the dark times of the El Salvadorian civil war (1979 - 1992). As a consequence of that upbringing, they lived through some very challenging social situations, which as a result of that conflict, has coloured their perspective as rappers/musicians having lived in the Chalatenango district of El Salvador. Chalatenango saw some of the worst violence of the Salvadorian civil war. The two rappers wanted to express themselves regarding what they lived through and witnessed, and wanted to do it through music. During this period there was also a third member of the band Poeta Demente (Mario Arteaga) who was part of their first and second albums, but he left after a few years for unexplained reasons. It was with this trio, that in 2002 they released their first album 'Diaz Oskuros en el Barrio' (English: Dark Days in the Neighborhood).

In 2003, inspired by the positive results of their first album they decided to create a compilation album to include the works of other Salvadorian hip-hop artists and released the compilation album titled 'El Klan de la Diskordia-La Primera Reunion' (English:The Klan of Discord-The First Meeting).

In 2004, Pescozada then came to the attention of burgeoning US Hip-hop artist Joaquin Santos (a first generation Salvadorian-American from San Diego, California) through a friend's recommendation after being heard on world radio. Santos approached the group and sent them some demo tapes in the hope of interacting with them musically. After some consideration, Pescozada agreed to put some tracks together with Santos; news of this interaction came to the attention of a music distributor who agreed to release the album to the internationally if an album could be put together. As a result, the collaboration resulted in the 2nd studio album of Pesczada titled 'Dialectos Nativos' which had a tremendous influence on first and second generation Salvadorans throughout North America.

in 2005, Pescozada who were now a duo (with Poeta Demente having left them), released their 3rd (international breakthrough) album 'El Teatro Plebeyo' (English: The Commoner Theatre) which was produced by Salvadorian Hip-hop and electronica producer Omnionn who later became an official member of the band in 2007. This album also not only acted as an international showcase for group, but was also a point of reference for Central American hip-hop. It included some key collaborations and guest appearances on it including Frost from Sindicato Argentino del Hip Hop (2001 Grammy Winners), San Francisco Bay Area's Sean T (Producer for Mac Dre, E-40, Spice 1, San Quinn, Guce, Planet Asia, and others), Apolo 11, Reyes del Bajo Mundo, Salaya, Mic'ky y El As (Spain), Robwest and previous friend collaborator Joaquin Santos.

In 2009, Pescozada released their 4th album 'Anarquia Club Social', which was created by its core members only, with no outside interaction except from some contribution by Joaquin Santos who appears on three songs. This album also featured the politically contentious track 'Anarquia' (see video below) which includes sampled soundbites of Salvadoran President Antonio Saca's voice as part of the lyrical content. The Salvadorian press regarded the album as a mature effort by the band offering a more secure, more seasoned Pescozada, - a product of a ten-year musical career.

In May 2010 Pescozada in their current (2007 - 2009) lineup played their last gig in El Salvador. In June 2010 (according to a news article in La Prensa Gráfica), it was announced the group would split due to a number of reasons including musical differences. Then it became apparent in another interview with Debil Estar that Fat Lui had left the group and that Pescazada would continue with some changes to the lineup and the music retaining members Debil Estar and Omnionn.

Since 2011, the new lineup of Pescozada (which includes Angel Franco and Eddy XP) has released a number of tracks online including 'El Destino' (see video below -rapped by Debil Estar). However, it seems that no more studio albums are being put together (i.e. no evidence seems to exist from our detailed search). Pescozada continue as an expanded music entity that seems to be involved in showcasing other Salvadorian Hip-Hip and release the occasional track by themselves.

By Simon Rashleigh



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